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What is the

UPLEVEL University?

As you probably saw from the video above, Uplevel University is for a select group of business owners who are “in the trenches” taking action... protecting their own wealth... and building the life they've always wanted

And i want you to be part of this group

Meet Your Instructor

Paying Your Kids A Salary (Overview)

Setting Up agreements

Family Management Company

Paying Your Kids Legally


Tax Preparation

How To Use The Money You Pay Them

Reason one

Uplevel Members who have thoroughly studied all the information my team and I have provided kept asking me for actionable steps ... 

They grasp the Real Wealth Matrix, but they feel that when they attempt to put it into action, certain steps and concepts are slipping through the cracks. They're wondering...
"How does Edward actually get it done?"

Reason Two

When all is said and done... and you’re hyped like I am to have your Real Wealth Matrix in place, the energy can only sustain you for so long...

Pretty soon, you will wonder ...
  • "Is This How I am suppose to operate this new structure?"
  • ​"Am I implementing all the Tax Strategies available to me?"
  • "Wait, If I Ever Get Sued... Will I Be Truly Protected With This Operating Agreement"



In this initial month, I will comprehensively guide you through each step necessary to create the various entities essential for assembling your REAL WEALTH MATRIX. Whether you opt for professional assistance or prefer a do-it-yourself approach, I will Show you how.

I will highlight both the most critical errors to avoid and share expert tips to ensure a seamless process. This includes guidance on matters ranging from where to Open your businesses to the intricacies involved in handling documents like Trusts, Operating Agreements, and similar items.



With the framework established, our attention can shift towards the Tax Strategies that can be effectively integrated. The principles underlying these strategies are straightforward and easily graspable. However, I am aware that many business owners encounter difficulties when it comes to putting these strategies into action and properly documenting them. 

Therefore, we will delve extensively into all the necessary agreements, documents, and optimal methods. i want to ensure that you adeptly utilize the Tax Code to your benefit while simultaneously safeguarding yourself against audits.



Now, the focus turns to Ops. At this point, you have set the optimal structure for you and your family and it is critical that you understand how to use it. 

Throughout the third month, we will extensively explore the Intricacies regarding bank accounts, operations, cash flows, service agreements between entities, management agreements, and other formalities of business. 

Even if right now, you can't say you 
100% understand every component 
of the real wealth matrix ...

It's oK.

We were all there at one point, too... and that’s why I created the UPLEVEL 
University: a group of hardcore believers that do nothing but 
champion you and your business across the finish line!!

the uPLEVEL university

Is the ultimate step-by-step 
"short-cut" for wealth creation

  • No more "guessing"
  • No more feeling like your accountant and attorneys are doing it "right"
  • ​... And no more "wishing" you knew exactly what needs to be done to put the Real Wealth Matrix together.

Now’s Your Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity To TAKE IT.

i really mean it.

We’ve tested and tried NUMEROUS paths... including the most treacherous ones with every money “pitfall” you can imagine.

And now, YOU can become THAT someone who Owns Nothing but controls everything!

I’m literally showing you the path.

All you have to do is put one foot in front of the other... and apply now to join the Diamond Program today!
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