What our members say about our weekly calls ...


I've paid tens of thousands of dollar to get this type of information, and these are structures that I have not heard yet which makes total sense ...
- Chris, Uplevel Member


Thank you so much, I needed this stuff... I've been doing the correct way for them, but now I do it for me
- Vladimir, Uplevel Member


I am really learning a lot of how to structure this stuff so that in the future I can protect my assets and pass it on to my family. And that's why this group and these calls ... it's because it's giving me that insight...
- Arthur, Uplevel Member


These AMA are super helpful [...] it's just really helpful to be able to hear other people ask questions that maybe you didn't even think of ...
- Tom, Uplevel Member


I was getting one piece from this side, one piece from this side, Ed brought it all together... he is the linchpin right now in the industry
- Kamal, Uplevel Member


The benefits you provide for the community are exceptional
- Kenneth, Uplevel Member


Thank you so much for the wealth of information that you've been sharing with world. I'm so grateful and so humbled that I came across you...
- Temple, Uplevel Member

Nathan Uncovered Over $9,000

"If I didn't go through the program I wouldn't be saving $9,000 and I also wouldn't know what to do with my money in terms of taxes and I wouldn't have any plan in place"

- Nathan Morel
Piano Educator and Coach

Jonathan Uncovered Over $16,000

"I was skeptical about the TEC because there is a lot of people that is a lot of smoke and very little substance [...] and I was pleasantly surprised that only he knew the strategies [...] and then was able to show how to practically apply them "

- Jonathan Head
Business Litigation Attorney & R.E. Investor

Raychel Uncovered Over $11,000

"It's awesome that this is not just a "I'm-gonna-teach-you-something" kind of class. The team is helping answer question throughout it. Edward answers a lot of questions himself. That was awesome"

- Raychel Vela
E-Commerce Entrepreneur

Jason Uncovered Over $14,000

"I feel like it wasn't just a training program, but I actually got something out of it and something that I can continue to use. I was able to uncover about $14,000 in tax savings."

- Jayson Huewe
Obstacle Space Solution Provider


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What Other Business Owners Think about FTP ...

"If you google this information, sure you can find some of these things, but to have somebody that has been doing this for 25-30 years is invaluable, it is worth every penny"

- Sean Ardizzone 
Cyber Security Expert
"The time it would take somebody to scour the internet, to put everything together, is actually more costly than just get all the information in one place [...] I have not found a place that has this information in this way explaining it like this. I've never seen it"

- Nikeba Dawkins
R.E. Investor

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